IL Code & JIT in .NET

What is IL?

  • IL code (intermediate code) or half compiled code, it’s creates at compile time.
  • When this program will run at user system, this run time IL code is converted into machine code by JIT (just-in-time) compiler.
  • JIT Compiler converted IL Code into Machine Code.
  • By using ILDASM tool(IL Disassembler open the Tool directly from the Visual Studio) we can view a IL code of a DLL or EXE.
  • In order to view IL code using ILDASM, go to visual studio command prompt (CMD)and run “ILDASM.EXE”. Once ILDASM is running you view the IL code.

What is Just-In-Time(JIT) Compiler in .NET

Working of JIT Compiler
  • The JIT compiler converts the Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL) or Common Intermediate Language(CIL) into the machine code this is done before the MSIL or CIL can be executed.
  1. Pre-JIT Compiler :
  • Much of the disadvantages of the JIT compiler can be handled using the Ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation. This involves compiling the MSIL into machine code so that runtime compilation is not required and the machine code file can be executed natively.

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